What is modelFIT

TITLE - what is modelFIT


The modelFIT Method:

The objective of the modelFIT method is to move with strength and grace through daily activities, to prevent injury and to gain confident presence.

Instead of large movements which rely on momentum created by joints (ie. burpees, jump squats, etc.), the modelFIT method breaks these movements down to the small portion in which your muscles are working the hardest. The result is more effective muscle burn without any strain on joints.

Traditional boutique fitness routines focus on building powerful muscles with repetitive movements or frenetic cardio in a single plane of motion. At modelFIT, we move through multiple planes of motion to effectively target small, stabilizing muscle groups all over the body. Strengthening these small muscles creates a long, lean aesthetic and functional strength.


Intelligent Exercise:

Our method is based in Applied Functional Science and all of our trainers are certified through The Gray Institute. We believe trainers should have an extensive education in anatomy and physiology. When you enter a class, you’re trusting that you will be challenged and engaged, but you’re also trusting that your body will be kept safe. In order to ensure our clients get the best workout without harming their bodies, we only trust trainers with the proper education and certification, and you should too.






Is modelFIT just for models?

Not at all! While it’s true that many of the world’s leading models have adopted our workouts, it’s not about a body type. Our members come from all walks of life and have a wide variety of occupations and interests while sharing a bias for growth, a respect for hard work and a quest for balanced wellness. We love meeting new clients and hearing their stories about fitness and beyond. Come on in and chat with us! We really like to chat… A lot…


Does low-impact mean that it’s not very hard?

No! Don’t be fooled! Many people who come for their first class are convinced they are too strong to use just 2 pound ankle and hand weights but quickly find that when their stabilizing muscles are engaged, they are shaking like a leaf holding up that tiny little weight! This is good news! You don’t have to harm your joints using massive weights to get the results you’re looking for. Focus on form, move slowly and mindfully, and you’ll find yourself sore in places you didn’t even know you had.


It’s my first time, what class should I take?

It completely depends on your fitness background. If you are new to working out altogether or havent committed to a routine before, we strongly recommend you start with a Sculpt class. Cardio classes tend to move at a faster pace and can be overwhelming for your very first class! (They’re so much fun, though. So come take it as your second!) But, if you feel you have an understanding of functional movement and already have a regular fitness practice, you can choose whatever class suits your mood 🙂 They’re all fantastic!


What should I wear to class?

Wear workout clothing that you feel comfortable in – a shirt, sports bra, and leggings.


Do I need sneakers?

For Cardio Sculpt and Dance Cardio yes, you need to wear sneakers. For our other classes you can choose to wear sneakers or take class barefoot!


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