the modelFIT method

The objective of the modelFIT method is to move with strength and grace through daily activities, to prevent injury and to gain confident presence.

Instead of large movements which rely on momentum created by joints (ie. burpees, jump squats), the modelFIT method breaks these movements down to the small portion in which your muscles are working the hardest. The result is more effective muscle burn without any strain on joints.

our focus

Traditional boutique fitness routines focus on building powerful muscles with repetitive movements or frenetic cardio in a single plane of motion. At modelFIT, we move through multiple planes of motion to effectively target small, stabilizing muscle groups all over the body. Strengthening these small muscles creates a long, lean aesthetic and functional strength.

intelligent exercise

Our method is based in Applied Functional Science and all of our trainers are certified through The Gray Institute. We believe trainers should have an extensive education in anatomy and physiology. When you enter a class, you’re trusting that you will be challenged and engaged, but you’re also trusting that your body will be kept safe. In order to ensure our clients get the best workout without harming their bodies, we only trust trainers with the proper education and certification, and you should too.

class descriptions


Utilizing a series of bands, light weights and sliding disks, this class works your entire body to sculpt your muscles and create structural stability. In this class, you will focus on smaller muscles around your hips, butt, thighs, abs, lower back and arms.

cardio sculpt

This class mixes cardio and isometric training for a full body conditioning workout. With elements of dance cardio and intrinsic training, this class delivers a blend of cardio and sculpt

dance cardio

As a complement to modelFIT sculpting classes, modelFIT Dance is a cardio class aimed at getting your heart rate up and toning your muscles through ‘follow along’ dance moves. No prior dance experience necessary, this class is all levels, welcome to beginners as well as the advanced looking to sweat and have fun!