We know things change, but…

here’s our cancellation policy

If you need to cancel your reservation, you’re able to do so up to 12 hours before your appointment. If you need to change your reservation within 12 hours, you can move to any other class on the same day! Unfortunately, if you do need to cancel completely within 12 hours of the appointment, you will lose the class.

For Unlimited and Auto-Renew:
Late Cancel Fee*- $15
No Show Fee*- $30
2 classes per day maximum
* You will not lose a class in addition to the charge.
You will be charged a fee and keep your class count for the 4 & 8 auto-renewals.

…and our late arrival policy

For the best experience, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of your class to settle in and find a space! We do not let anyone join class after 5 minutes has passed. Once the class has warmed up and begun the work out in earnest, it can be distracting for anyone who jumps in after this point. Also, there is a risk of injury when the body is not warmed up properly. We do not want to diminish the class experience with the distraction of late arrivals. If you are going to be late at all, please give the studio a call to let us know beforehand!

Some other things to keep in mind…

studio etiquette

There is no chatting on the studio floor while class is in session, unless you are speaking with reception


In our intimate space, body placement is crucial to having the best class experience possible. Arriving early allows you to choose your spot in class early, and helps avoid any confusion. Please take the next available space closest to the mirror to allow any clients arriving later to fill in the spaces behind you.

We’re all here to move our bodies and feel good about ourselves, so always be respectful of other clients when finding your spot. If you there is confusion about which spot is yours, ask the front desk!

We reserve the right to move clients


If you sign up for a class and are put on the waitlist, please be aware that you will be e-mailed if you are taken off the waitlist and added to the roster. If you are taken off the waitlist and wish to attend class, you must waitlist confirm your spot in the class. If you do not confirm we will assume you no longer want to attend and will give your space away. Please ensure you have access to your email that is registered with our system and that you are set up to receive our email notifications.
If you’re in a class that’s waitlisted, you must arrive at the studio 5 minutes before the start of the class or your spot may be given away.

studio hygiene

Although modelFIT is low impact, most participants do sweat, so prepare accordingly!
We have free sweat towels and deodorant available at the studio.

We provide everyone with sanitizing wipes at the end of class – please wipe down equipment used before storing away.

personal belongings

Please stow away your personal belongings in the locker room. Both benches (in the main studio and in the personal training area) are reserved for sitting and/or trainers’ belongings. The hooks in the personal training area are reserved for modelFIT staff & personal training clients. If you have valubles, bring a lock to secure your locker or leave your valubles with the front desk staff for safe keeping.

our expiration policy

All classes and packages have an expiration date detailed at check out. Be sure to take note of your expiration date! We cannot extend classes or packages.

sales tax

Classes and personal training are subject to 4.5% NYC sales tax

package sharing

Packages are a great way to save on classes you plan to take in the future! Packages cannot be shared between clients. If you’d like to buy a class for a guest it must be separate from any class package you have purchased for yourself.