Sunday Wellness

sunday wellness series


In this monthly series, modelFIT and Essentials of Elevation team up to create a mind/body/spirit discovery workshop that brings together a blend of powerful wellness and healing modalities in theme with the month or season. Each month you will be introduced to the exercises and tools to nourish, expand your potential and leave you feeling empowered, informed and transformed. EoE’s Erin Ralph guides these workshops in her gentle, loving and inclusive manner. The series provides a spectrum of support in areas like nutrition, self-development, love/relationships, traumas/blocks, self-image, manifesting, healing, passion, power and purpose.

The Elevation Wellness Series at modelFIT is open to both men and women. Please dress comfortably.



About Essentials of Elevation


Essentials of Elevation offers gently guided content, sessions and events that inspire you to live more aligned, authentic and free. Through coaching, coursework, resources and exercises, EoE helps you reconnect with the tools and wisdom that nurture your greatest wellbeing. For more info visit